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About Us

Pioneer Hair Care was founded in the year 2006 by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula, A True Specialist in the Art of Hair Transplant Surgery and one of the Top Hair Transplant Surgeons in India. He is a Faciomaxillary surgeon and Director of Pioneer Hair Care, an advanced hair transplant centre located in HSR Layout, Bangalore, India.

Dr Sreedhar Reddy is highly renowned for his expertise in natural-looking hair restoration, and he is regarded as a highly-qualified hair transplant specialist in the world. With immense experience of 15 years in hair restoration surgery and as a maxillofacial & facial plastic surgeon, Dr Reddy has transformed thousands of lives and has helped them restore their confidence by curing hair loss problems. Dr Reddy ensures that he personally performs all his procedures for his patients, with the assistance of a talented staff of 10.

Since Dr Reddy is an expert in the field of hair restoration, he also publishes and lectures on his topics of expertise on a frequent basis. His prowess in surgical hair restoration makes him a well-recognised name in Orthognathic surgeries and facial rejuvenation surgeries. With his unparalleled dedication and consistent efforts, Dr Reddy has performed over 4000 hair restoration procedures until now and is still going on at a significant pace. He has also developed effective and safe hair loss and baldness treatments with the aid of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) in both surgical and non-surgical ways.

Extensive Expertise and Skill Set 

The expertise of Dr Reddy in facial plastic surgery is considered second to none, as he produces truly natural-looking results for hair restoration patients by using cephalometric analysis. He is having incredible proficiency in various hair restoration techniques, including FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) with trichophytic closure which significantly reduces the visibility of scarring on the scalp post-transplant, even if the head is shaved.

Dr Redyy has special expertise in improving the results of prior hair transplant procedures, body hair transplantation to the scalp, as he can take mega sessions involving 3000 grafts or more. Patients can also count on Dr Reddy’s ability to combine his expertise in hair restoration and facial plastic surgery if they have to undergo cosmetic procedures involving both the skills.

Academic Finesse, Training & Accolades 

Dr Reddy went to Bapuji educational institutions to pursue his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in 1997. He completed post-graduation in the department of Oral, Maxillofacial & Reconstructive surgery during the year 2003. After his post-graduation, he worked as an Asst. Prof. in various colleges. Dr Reddy did his training in Kidwai Memorial Institute of Cancer in the Department of Head & Neck Oncology.

Dr Reddy has got extensive training in facial trauma, facial plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Orthognathic surgeries from Dr David P Tauro, a world’s renowned Maxillofacial, Facial Plastic & Craniofacial Surgeon. 

He was also trained in cleft lip & palate surgeries with another world’s renowned teacher Dr Sreenivas Gosla Reddy. Eventually, Dr Reddy started his private practice and made himself limited to hair restoration procedures.

Dr Reddy’s Reputation Among Patients

Patients come to consult Dr Redyy from different nooks and corners all over the world. Since he has opened his first clinic for private practice in Bangalore, his world-class hair restoration results have gained him a huge and loyal following of patients from all states in India and over 36 countries. They come and visit Dr Reddy with incredible hopes to restore their confidence and self-esteem through hair transplant surgeries. Dr Reddy also connects and offers remote consultations by mail or by Whatsapp to the patients who live far away.

Dr Reddy is highly appreciated by many of the world’s famous hair transplant doctors for his excellent deeds in hair transplant surgeries, especially for the quality of the undetectable hairline, density and undetectable trichophytic closure.

Dr Reddy is one of the rare surgeons who has got an opportunity to demonstrate live results on the patient of his unique tq COMBI method by showing at ISHRS meeting year 2014 at Chicago.


I am Dr Ravi Kumar,I have undergone Hair Transplant by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. I am very much comfortable after the procedure been done at Pioneer Advanced hair Transplant. There was absolutely no pain during the implantation. Its been a year now and i am hihgly satisfied with the result


A highly professionalism shown by the team of Dr Sreedhar during by Interaction for the Hair Transplant at the Pioner Advanced Hair Transplant Center. I would highly recommend Dr Sreedhar for your Hair Transplant need. You can be rest assured of your Hair once you come to their center. I got very good results


My hair transplant surgery, performed by Dr Sreedhar Reddy pothula and team was completed comfortably and pain was to the minimum. Before undergoing the surgery i had a lot of people saying that the surgery is painful, but i did not feel the pain. Its been some time i had undergone the surgery, but till date i dont see any side effects. I Thank Dr Sreedhar Reddy, the way he performed the surgery.


My Hair transplant surgery was performed with 2500 grafts. The process from starting till the end was quite comfortable and the staff at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant are quite friendly and i did not feel any stress during the entre process. I would recomment by friend to Dr Reddy because of his really good work and professionalism.


Frequently Asked Questions

Taking / Extracting LIVE hair roots (grafts/follicular units/hair strands) from back side of scalp and implanting them on bald areas is called HAIR TRANSPLANT. These implanted hairs will grow as your natural hairs. You can cut, trim, color or shave them, they would grow normally again. Pioneer is one of the best hair transplant centers in India and we offer best services at reasonable cost with best outcome

Bonding and weaving are NON-SURGICAL also called as WIGS. These are hair systems which are often detachable and also attached with gum / clips. We DON'T offer these services.

If you have enough donor hair on the back side of your head to cover your baldness with descent density, HAIR TRANSPLANT is the best option. Its natural and the implanted hair will grow as normal hair.

If you don't have any hair even at back side of head, you can opt for BONDING and WEAVING (if required). We DON'T offer these services.

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