Detailed Analysis About Combi TQ Hair Transplant

Detailed Analysis About Combi TQ Hair Transplant

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  • Fri Aug 14, 2020
Detailed Analysis About Combi TQ Hair Transplant

Hair loss is a commonly found problem these days. It frequently occurs both in men and women and this problem when left untreated or taken care of, can lead to premature baldness and thinning of hair. Hair transplant is a surgical procedure opted by many people when all the oral and topical medications fail to cure the problem of continuous hair fall or even treat hair thinning effectively. Hair fall or hair loss can create strenuous stress for both men and women. Hair loss can prove to be a real traumatic condition. The hair transplant process is considered to be a quick and permanent solution for combating hair fall problems. We, at Pioneer hair care, are known to provide our expertise in hair transplant with many years of experience. 

Hair transplant procedure

Hair transplant procedures work wonders for everyone irrespective of gender and age. A hair transplant is a procedure in which a dermatologist moves hair grafts to a bald area of the head. The surgeon usually moves hair from the back or side of the head to the front or top of the head.The steps of a hair transplantation procedure include 

  • removing small punch grafts from the hair bearing scalp known as a donor area and cutting this into smaller pieces to use as grafts. 
  • These extracted hair grafts are then relocating to a bald or thinning area of the scalp. 
  •  Hair transplant is the process that is the same for both men and women. the follicular hai units are extracted from the scalp or the donor area, and these units are carefully implanted into the area where there is thinning or balding through a surgical procedure.
  • The hair grafts created in this manner differ in size and shape. 

Combi Tq hair transplant  is the combination of both, follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) translation treatment carried out on the same day on the same patient. In this treatment, more grafts are extracted in a given single transplant session. When both of the transplantation procedures are carried out on the same individual on the same days, it's called extensive combi tq hair transplant.

Combined Hair Treatment Procedure

The combination of these two hair transplant procedures, i.e. follicular unit transplantation and follicular unit extraction, is an effective way of treating patients who have suffered a large amount of hair loss. This treatment involves the extraction of the strip tissues for the follicular unit extraction (FUT) and hence, finalizing the process with follicular unit extraction (FUE).

By using FUT to obtain hair grafts, we efficiently achieve the extraction of large amounts of follicular units all at once. This one time extraction of hair follicles saves on procedure time and all that is left is the extraction of the remaining grafts prepared one at a time via the FUE method.

Lastly, the patients undergoing this type of combined hair treatment achieve natural hair with more density and thickness. The combination method sometimes proves to be better than just a single hair transplant technique for severe cases of hair loss.

Improved Benefits of the Combi tq (FUE+FUT) Hair Transplant Method

To make things as clear as possible, here’s a quick highlight of the benefits of using the combined hair transplant technique;

  • By using the combined, FUE and the FUT methods, it helps to achieve the maximum possible coverage of the balding area.
  • Using the FUT for follicular hair extraction saves on time because it allows for fast retrieval of many follicular units from the strip tissue.
  • The final result of the procedure ensures that you achieve a high-density pack of natural hair that is thick and healthy.
  • This combined method saves a lot of time during the hair graft extraction 
  • It is an effective hair transplant method for severe hair loss cases

This combie tq treatment is offered with great expertise and efficiency at our clinic Pioneer hair care in Bangalore. This treatment gives sure shot and long lasting results reviving back the lost hair.

Wave a Good bye to hair loss problems and restore your natural hair!


I am Dr Ravi Kumar,I have undergone Hair Transplant by Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula. I am very much comfortable after the procedure been done at Pioneer Advanced hair Transplant. There was absolutely no pain during the implantation. Its been a year now and i am hihgly satisfied with the result


A highly professionalism shown by the team of Dr Sreedhar during by Interaction for the Hair Transplant at the Pioner Advanced Hair Transplant Center. I would highly recommend Dr Sreedhar for your Hair Transplant need. You can be rest assured of your Hair once you come to their center. I got very good results


My hair transplant surgery, performed by Dr Sreedhar Reddy pothula and team was completed comfortably and pain was to the minimum. Before undergoing the surgery i had a lot of people saying that the surgery is painful, but i did not feel the pain. Its been some time i had undergone the surgery, but till date i dont see any side effects. I Thank Dr Sreedhar Reddy, the way he performed the surgery.


My Hair transplant surgery was performed with 2500 grafts. The process from starting till the end was quite comfortable and the staff at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant are quite friendly and i did not feel any stress during the entre process. I would recomment by friend to Dr Reddy because of his really good work and professionalism.


Frequently Asked Questions

Taking / Extracting LIVE hair roots (grafts/follicular units/hair strands) from back side of scalp and implanting them on bald areas is called HAIR TRANSPLANT. These implanted hairs will grow as your natural hairs. You can cut, trim, color or shave them, they would grow normally again. Pioneer is one of the best hair transplant centers in India and we offer best services at reasonable cost with best outcome

Bonding and weaving are NON-SURGICAL also called as WIGS. These are hair systems which are often detachable and also attached with gum / clips. We DON'T offer these services.

If you have enough donor hair on the back side of your head to cover your baldness with descent density, HAIR TRANSPLANT is the best option. Its natural and the implanted hair will grow as normal hair.

If you don't have any hair even at back side of head, you can opt for BONDING and WEAVING (if required). We DON'T offer these services.

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