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Best Hair Transplant in Koramangala

At Pioneer Hair Transplant, we conduct Hair Transplant in Koramangala using the latest techniques, non-operative hair regeneration, Icecube Cool laser hair reduction, Anagrow, Anacover, Anagain and Ana-D-Tox therapy. We are committed to delivering our patients great outcomes.

Pioneer Hair Transplant center is that the global leader clinic in hair restoration. Discover the newest innovations in hair transplantation and hair loss treatments for men & women.

Your hair is your crowning glory. A bald pate may be a definite disadvantage. Any bald person will in his heart of hearts admit it - albeit he has been successful in life. Baldness may be a common phenomenon.

While billions of dollars are spent on research into an answer for baldness, no reliable remedies have yet been developed that the commoner can afford. Pioneer Hair Transplant Bangalore has evolved a strategy to make fitments that look so natural and match your visage so perfectly, you’ll forget you ever were bald.

What is Hair Transplant

Hair transplant may be a cosmetic method wherein hair follicles are extracted from the side or the rear of the scalp (donor site) and implanted on the thinning or the balding regions of the patient (recipient site). Point to notice is that it's the follicle which is implanted. These hair follicles are naturally resistant to FUT, the hormone that causes balding.

The simplest part about getting a hair transplant through Pioneer Hair Transplant ’s ‘FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION- FUE’ technique available at the Koramangala clinic is that the hair will grow steadily, and you'll even shave or shampoo them.

How is it done at Hair Transplant in Koramangala:

Pioneer Hair transplant Koramangala clinic uses risk-free hair transplant method - the ‘FOLLICULAR UNIT EXTRACTION- FUE.’ It's a minimally invasive method wherein the specialist uses a licensed implanter pen that inserts 60 - 70 hair per sq. cm. compared to other techniques which will hardly implant 45 hair per sq.

Furthermore, the expansion and survival rate of the transplanted hair is best within the AHI technique, and you'll see promising leads to just 6 - 8 months. I wish to receive promotional call/sms from Pioneer Hair transplant ™ Health and wonder Private Limited.

Hair Transplant Cost In Koramangala

The cost of Hair Transplant in Koramangala clinic depends upon the amount of hair grafts implanted on your scalp. You'll know the precise volume of hair which can be required to hide your bald spot by consulting the expert at the Koramangala clinic.

The Pioneer Hair transplant Advantage

  • India's most respected brand of hair care according to the Brand Trust Survey
  • Special Patented pen from FUE London to make natural looking hairline and avoid pitting
  • Use of patented mechanized extractor to make sure minimal scaring
  • India's biggest Frost & Sullivan hair-restoration service provider.
  • Treatment administered by experienced and hair & scalp specialists.