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Hair transplant in Marathahalli

Hair transplant in Marathahalli may be a leading centre for hair transplant and weight management, centered on the passion and vision of Dr Sreedhar Reddy Pothula a real Specialist within the Art of Hair Transplant Surgery and a leader within the hair restoration industry.

Pioneer Hair Transplant center is supported by a staff of qualified and experienced stylish professionals and specialists, who center around offering a one of a kind scope invasive & non-invasive medical hair medications.

Pioneer Hair Transplant Bangalore may be a forte hair transplantation clinic centrally located in Marathalli and is in greatly associated zone of Bangalore. Our Doctors are greatly qualified and have quite long while of involvement within the different fields of Dermatology and Cosmetology.

The wonderful surgical abilities of each one among our specialists enable them to place more Happiness in each patient's life making them more joyful and more lovely.

Advanced Hair Services available at Hair transplant in Marathahalli

Pioneer Hair Transplant Clinic is that the most solid and moderate Hair Clinic in Marathalli, Bangalore offers the foremost advanced and holistic hair loss treatment for various concerns of Hair loss and skin services.

Hair Treatment

Hair loss has become a big concern today as hair is taken into account as a "delegated magnificence" of a private and symbolizes one's character. Connecting with the right hair restoration expert isn't any longer a problem. It is really the fine hands of the accomplished hair transplant specialist who has developed this one among a sort treatment called FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) which is drilled at Pioneer Hair Transplant Solutions that's effortless and provides enduring outcomes.

Our Methods/ Techniques

Some Advanced methods are using at Hair transplant in Marathahalli, They are:


Hair Restoration may be a term which alludes to the various alternatives and methods for supplanting lost hair. There are two fundamental classifications in hair rebuilding. These are the surgical and therefore the non surgical. The non-surgical methods are typically referred to as Prosthetics. The surgical methods are of two sorts. One is FUT and alternate is FUE. Both systems have points of interest and hindrances.


FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation: this system includes concentrating out a slim segment of hair alongside the skin from the contributor region. The benefactor hair is for the foremost part taken from the once more of the head/scalp. they're hereditarily impervious to hair fall.

They're analyzed, under a magnifying lens, into follicular units or unions. This is often then transplanted on the fancied region which is understood because the beneficiary zone.


FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction: during this method individual follicular units are concentrated and transplanted on the coveted zone on the scalp i.e., referred to as beneficiary region. This surgery doesn't need to make entry points on the scalp round the follicular unit a roundabout cut is formed on the skin with the help of a 1 mm punch before it's concentrated.

No scar shows informed the concentrated territory. It's suitable for the individuals who are susceptible to donor scarring and likewise for the individuals who do not have sufficient laxity on scalp for experiencing the traditional FUT strip procedure.