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FUE in Bangalore-Repair Hair Transplant

Stop worrying about your hair loss! Here is that the Pioneer Hair Transplant the simplest Hair Transplant in Bangalore would really like to require the chance to serve the hair loss problems of Bangalore people.

At Pioneer Hair Transplant, we provide Hair loss treatment, Hair fall treatment, PRP treatment, FUE, FUT and Spoiled hair transplant in Bangalore people that are affected by hair loss.

We do provide non-surgical hair services like Hair fixing, Hair weaving, hair bonding and hair wigs for both men and women.

What is the procedure for Repair hair transplant in Bangalore

  • First doctor will analyze scalp condition
  • The doctor will undergo the entire medical record of the client.
  • After the entire analyzing doctor decides the amount of grafts got to do hair transplant
  • Through some blood tests, doctor analyses present medical condition.
  • If everything up to the doctor's expectations he suggests going for hair transplantation.

What are the various methods of hair transplantation do Pioneer Hair Transplant in Bangalore follows?

Here are the various methods of hair transplant Pioneer Hair Transplant offers

  • FUT( Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • FUE( Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • Long hair transplant
  • Revision hair transplantation

Why Pioneer Hair transplant for hair transplant in Bangalore?

  • Pioneer Hair transplant has rated as a number one dermatologist clinic by the days of India
  • Pioneer Hair transplant provides World class state of art facilities.
  • Pioneer Hair transplant has an in-house research facility and laboratory
  • Certified and well training group of therapists
  • Customized treatments supported the individual requirement and medical record
  • We served many purchasers with 95% customer satisfaction.

FUT Hair Transplant in Bangalore

FUT (Follicular unit transplantation) is one among the hair transplant method. Which is additionally referred to as strip method hair transplant in Bangalore.

Which is that the most used method for hair transplantation in India? This procedure includes cutting a strip of skin from the donor area and therefore the strip hair follicles are going to be extracted then transplants the hair follicles within the recipient area. FUT hair transplant procedure suites the people that are undergoing a hair transplant with an oversized number of grafts.

FUE Hair Transplant in Bangalore

FUE and FUT are two essential techniques to separate the hair follicles from the donor area. during this technique, singular hair follicles harvests from the donor area will be transplanting inside the uncovered zone. This procedure best suits for the people that wants to possess hair transplantation with less hair follicles.

Unlike FUT hair transplant individual hair follicles will extract from the donor area, one hair follicles are going to be extracted once. While FUT Hair transplant a piece of skin with hair follicles will remove.

Unlike FUT hair transplant there are not any stitches, scars involved within the procedure. Less pain involved while harvesting the hair follicles because skin won’t be separated during this procedure.

By using the FUE hair transplant method any a part of the body bearing hair are often considered as a donor area.

Pioneer Hair Transplant Bangalore has the simplest surgeons, advanced equipment to perform the simplest FUE in Bangalore.