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FUT Hair Transplant in Bangalore

FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation, also known as linear strip excision) procedure harvests hair grafts by cutting a strip of skin from the back of your scalp. Usually, this strip is several inches long. After the donor site (from which the strip was removed) has been sutured, the strip can be divided into smaller pieces using a surgical instrument. The process of hair regrowth will then start when these smaller parts are implanted in the recipient site. Following transplantation, temporary follicles will grow in their place for around three to four months before falling out.

A surgeon's skill that goes well beyond basic hair restoration techniques, together with knowledge of how hair develops naturally and the patient's desired outcomes, are necessary to achieve a truly natural look from FUT Hair Transplant in Bangalore. One of the top hair transplant surgeons in Bangalore, Dr Sreedhar Reddy has treated 1000's of patients over the course of his 17 years of practice, so he can give you the results you want to revitalise and restore your hair.

Fut hair transplant in Bangalore

The process of follicular unit transplantation

A strip of skin from your scalp is removed by the surgeon during FUT, typically from the back of your head. The amount of follicles required to completely cover bald areas determines the exact size of the strip. The width of the strip is typically between 1 and 1.5 centimetres (0.4 and 0.6 inches). The individual follicles are taken out of the strip and placed back into your scalp.

Who is a Candidate Eligible for a FUT Hair Transplant?

  • atients with a healthy donor supply: It's crucial to have a good and healthy donor supply if you want to get a FUT hair transplant. Here, the donor area, where the hair roots are removed, is crucial to the hair transplant procedure. In order to harvest the healthy strip and achieve the aesthetic goal of the hair transplant procedure, the respective patient must have a healthy donor part, specifically the back and sides of the scalp. Since the FUT technique is well-liked and focused on results, it is best to have the operation when the donor location has estabilised.
  • Concerns about the safe donor region's stability: In hair transplant surgery, it is crucial to exclusively use grafts from the safe donor area if you want permanent hair roots. Therefore, it is crucial to have a stable donor area that has enough hair roots and is free from the risk of an autoimmune disease, or more specifically, the risk of alopecia areata.
  • The Scalp's Flexibility: The scalp's flexibility is important for the hair transplant operation since it facilitates the harvesting process. To ensure a simple graft placement, the patient's scalp must be pliable. The easier it is for the hair surgeon to implant the graft at the intended place, the more loose scalp you have. However, the hair transplant technique is significantly impacted by scalp laxity. However, a patient is not eligible for hair transplant surgery if their scalp is very tight.
FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore

FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore

Due to the rising incidence of hair loss and the increasing number of bald individuals, hair transplants are in high demand in Bangalore. Even though the city is home to a large number of hair transplant facilities that provide the procedure at various price points, the quality of the hair transplants is not up to par with those provided elsewhere. Few hair transplant doctors in Bangalore have adopted the most recent, cutting-edge techniques; most conduct hair transplants using the fundamental techniques. FUT Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore is directly dependent on the amount of hair follicles or graft needed, the techniques used, the location from which the graft is extracted, and the surgeon doing the treatment all affect the cost of a hair transplant in Bangalore.

In Bangalore, the average cost of a hair transplant is between 20 to 140 per graft. One should not select a reputable hair transplant centre just on the basis of cost. It must choose based on their experience, the clinic's norms and procedures, the outcomes and evaluations they receive. Avoid falling into the clutches of unqualified staff or shadow physicians.

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