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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore Dr. Sreedhar Reddy Pothula Best Hair Transplant Surgeon
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Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore : Dr Sreedhar Reddy

Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant clinic is the one of the best clinics in Bangalore . Established during year 2006. Pioneer clinic a very first clinic providing Hair Transplant services in Bangalore.

Pioneer clinic is Known for the best hair transplant results and authenticity in handling customers from all over the world. At Pioneer clinic, every surgery is done by our expert surgeon Dr Sreedhar Reddy & Team, Dr Reddy has 17 years of experience of performing 8000 surgeries till date.

The surgery done and taken care by our experts surgeons can give you a smooth and very less painful transplant. This can be possible due to advanced techniques that we use at our clinics. Our clinical treatments are very safe and result-oriented. Cost offered by pioneer clinic is very affordable as when you compare with best clinics around the globe, you may get very affordable costing at Pioneer Advanced Hair Transplant Clinic.

We provide international hair transplant facilities, world class results at all-time low possible price. If you look into the profile of our best hair transplant surgeons, we have experience of few thousands of successful surgeries since 17 years. Our clinic offers FUT, FUE hair transplant methods. We are listed among the best hair transplant clinic in India & Bangalore.Pioneer clinic has a team of 44 dedicated staff to assist you with your surgery. Dr Reddy and his team is very passionate about their work. Our results shows the quality of the work we offer to our pts.

About the Doctor About the Doctor

Dr. Sreedhar Reddy Pothula

Dr Sreedhar Reddy pothula One of the Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Bangalore, practising since year 2006. Having experience of 17 yrs and 6000 surgeries till date. Dr Reddy had demonstrated Live results Video at ISHRS ( international Society of hair restoration surgeons) conference at Chicago, USA year 2015.

Dr Reddy had presented video n COMBI Tq at ISHRS conference at KUALA-LUMPUR yr 2014. Dr Reddy demonstrated live FUT &FUE at SRM college, Chennai yr 2018.

Dr Reddy is a mentor and key note speaker for Hair Transplant AOMSI conference - Indore. Year 2022. Dr Reddy is contributed to write a chapter on Hair Transplant surgeries for post graduates of Maxillofacial surgery. He is one of-the author for the text book " oral & Maxillofacial surgery for the clinician".

Expertise Areas of Expertise

Areas of Expertise

Using his experience in facial plastic surgery, DR Reddy can produce truly natural-looking results for hair restoration patients by using cephalometric analysis.

He is an expert in advanced hair restoration techniques, including FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) and FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant) with trychophyticclosure which reduces the appearance of scarring on the scalp following transplant, even when the head is shaved.

He also has special expertise in improving the results of prior hair transplant procedures, body hair transplantation to the scalp, DR Reddy will take on mega sessions involving 3000 grafts or more. Patients can also count on DR Reddy to combine his expertise in hair restoration and facial plastic surgery if they desire a combination of cosmetic procedures.

Education, Training & AccoladesEducation, Training & Accolades

Education, Training & Accolades

  • DR Reddy went to Bapuji educational institutions to complete his under graduation and post graduation IN YEAR 1997. He did post graduation in the department of Oral, Maxillofacial & Reconstructive surgery during the year 2003. After his post graduation worked as an Asst prof in various colleges. Dr Reddy did his training in KIDWAI MEMORIAL institute of Cancer in the department of Head & neck oncology.
  • He extensively trained in facial trauma, facial plastic surgeries like Rhinoplasty, Orthognathic surgeries with his teacher DR David P Tauro who is a world's renowned Maxillofacail, Facial plastic & Craniofacial surgeon.
  • DR Reddy also trained in cleft lip & palate surgeries with his another world's renowned teacher DR SreenivasGosla Reddy. But DR Reddy limited his private practice to hair restoration procedures.
Team Team

Pioneer Team

Pioneer Team
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Why Choose Us


Satisfied Customers


All surgeries are performed by Dr. Sreedhar Reddy


Natural Hairlines & Repair Hairtransplants


Experts in designining natural looking hair lines & Repair Hair Transplants


Cephalometric Analysis


For hair line design. First of its kind in Hair Transplants globally, introduced by Pioneer


International Protocoal


We at Pioneer, follow strict protocols for sterilization and safety protocols


Quality & Commitment


Latest less invasive methods like flexi implanters



Biggest clinic in south india measuring 10k square feet

Patients Dr. REDDY's Patients

Dr. REDDY's Patients

Patients come to DR REDDY from all over the world. Since he opened his first practice in Bangalore his world-class hair restoration results have gained him a loyal following of patients who have come from all states in India and over 36 countries to restore their confidence and self-esteem through hair transplant surgeries. While DR REDDY does offer remote consultations to allow patients who live far away by mail or by Whatsapp.

Dr Reddy is appreciated by world's famous hair transplant doctors for his excellent results in hair transplant surgeries, especially quality of undetectable hair line, density and undetectable trycophytic closure.

DR Reddy is the one of the surgeon who got opportunity to demonstrate live resultspatient viewing of his unique tq COMBI method at ISHRS meeting year 2014 at Chicago.

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