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Hair TreatmentGrowth Factor Concentrate Hair Treatment in Bangalore

GFC Hair Treatment in Bangalore

Growth Factor Concentrate Therapy, also referred to as GFC therapy, is a concentrated growth factor preparation that is made from a person's blood cells, is extremely safe and committed, and provides superior natural outcomes.

Blood platelets have numerous growth factors added. The collected GFC is then given to the facility for treatment using specialised tools and equipment. The entire process is safe, non-pyrogenous, and damaged tissues spontaneously recover without any platelet loss.

The treatment is fully safe, pure, and effective because it is taken from the patient's blood without any contamination. It also has no side effects.

It is the greatest approach to recover lost hair following a hair transplant. GFC Hair Treatment in Bangalore, the newest and most advanced hair loss treatment, just needs three to four sessions to achieve the desired results.

GFC Hair Treatment in Bangalore

Advantages of Growth Factor Concentrate Treatment

  • First step: A blood sample between 60 and 100 ml is initially drawn from the patient and centrifuged. The portion containing the highest concentration of platelets and growth factors is then taken out and saved. It is also possible to split the platelet-rich fraction into two parts, lyse one to release more growth factors, and then combine it with the other whole-platelet factor. It is alleged that this additional procedure will prolong the effects of PRP therapy, particularly for hair loss.
  • The scalp is activated in the second stage to start the healing process for the injury. To utilise the expansion factors and platelets that PRP therapy provides, this mechanism must be engaged. Prior till now, PRP activation required only one needle. Since the activation step requires many hundreds of punctures, using just one needle was impractical and painful for the patient.
  • Third stage: Re-injecting the platelet- and protein-rich fraction into the scalp is the third step in the PRP procedure. The excited cells, including hair follicles, utilise the high levels of each factor provided by this, promoting healing and healthy hair development.
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