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DHI Hair Transplant in Bangalore

DHI Hair Transplant Bangalore, or DHI, is a sophisticated, upgraded form of FUE hair transplantation. Using a specialised CHOI implanter pen, the hair follicles are extracted and implanted. It is a rather safe process that yields better results when it comes to hair growth. Most patients who receive this treatment are happy with the outcome. Direct Hair Implantation in Bangalore, in contrast to FUE and FUT procedures, is completely painless and safe, leaving no visible scars or holes. It is the only hair transplant procedure taught at the academic level at public universities in Europe, and it is only carried out by skilled, specifically qualified medical professionals. You can contact Pioneer Hair Transplant and speak with one of our skilled hair transplant doctors if you're among those who are upset about hair loss issues and looking for DHI Hair Transplant in Bangalore. For the greatest outcomes, our experts will design a personalised treatment plan just for you.

DHT Hair Transplant in Bangalore

DHI Hair Transplant Cost in Bangalore

The cost of DHI treatment may make it less affordable for certain individuals compared to more conventional hair transplant techniques. Numerous factors influence the cost of DHI Hair Transplant in Bangalore. For example, the quantity of hair follicles to be transplanted and the surgeon's experience are significant determinants.

The following are the variables that influence the price of DHI surgery in Bangalore.

  • Total number of grafts
  • The overall cost of the DHI Transpannt Technique

Direct Hair Implantation in Bangalore

DHI Procedure

The steps involved in the direct hair implantation method are as follows:

  • Initially, a specially made instrument with a diameter of no more than one millimetre is used to remove the hair follicles from the donor scalp area.
  • After the follicle extraction is finished, they are placed into a CHOI implanter pen, a specialised instrument used exclusively for this procedure.
  • Every hair follicle is meticulously inserted into the scalp, taking into account its development direction and angle, without creating any punch holes. For the process, two to six implanter pens are usually utilised simultaneously.
  • The donor and recipient areas are cleansed after implantation, and bandages are placed as needed.
  • The patient is released the same day, and the full treatment could take four to eight hours. A recovery guide and a follow-up schedule are also given to the patient by the medical team.

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